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Let Advantage Construction take care of your roofing needs.

Whether you need a roof repaired from storm or hail damage, or you need a new roof entirely, our roofing specialists will get you the roof you want. We offer a variety of styles and materials so your roof can better match you and the rest of your home.

Sometimes storms or falling debris get the best of your roof. When this happens, it's time to file a roofing insurance claim. Hail, wind and storm damage are considered an insurance loss on your homeowner's policy. Most insurance companies will pay the entire cost of your roof repair (minus your deductable). These claims are usually considered 'natural disasters' and submitting a claim for this type of damage won't effect your future rates.

Let us assist you through the insurance process by providing a professional quote for the damage to be fixed as well as help you through the process of submitting your claim to insurance companies. We handle roofing insurance claims all the time and we're happy to assist our customers on the steps involved from start to finish.

We provide the following roofing services:

  • Full Roof Tear off and Rebuild
  • Asphalt Roofing
  • Hail Damage
  • Slate Roofing
  • Shake Roofing
  • Tile Roofing
  • Insurance Claim Specialists

Why choose Advantage Construction?

  • Advantage delivers "performance confidence"- our own ten-year Workmanship Warranty on top of the manufacturer's standard warranty.
  • Advantage uses six nails on all shingle sections – roofs we install have the durability to withstand 130 mph winds.
  • Advantage uses 2" drip edge and custom made flashings around flues.
  • Advantage uses ice and water shield in all valleys and along all eaves, when code requires.
  • Advantage replaces pipe boots, ventilation caps and box vents (a source of common roof leaks) and all drip edge and flashings.
  • Advantage removes all construction debris from your property. A magnetic sweeper is used to collect nails in your yard after the job is done.
  • Advantage uses shingles with an algae preventative treatment to eliminate unsightly black streaks on your roof.
  • Advantage provides you with a Certificate of Insurance from our insurance company.
  • Advantage provides $2 million dollar General Liability Insurance Policy to protect you.

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Hail Damage Repair

A majority of insurance companies recommend our company to those whose houses have sustained hail damage; we can give individuals a free, simple roof inspection. Our roofing contractors can help identify every area of damage to a home's exterior by thoroughly inspecting items such as gutters, downspouts, windows, window trim, decks, outdoor living spaces, and siding.

CLICK HERE to visit our Hail Damage Restoration page.


Roofing Options & Materials

Slate Roofing

Slate is a metamorphic rock that can come in a variety of colors, such as black, purple, green, and grey. Certain types of slate, such as the kind that comes from Virginia's quarries, can protect a roof for about 175 years. Although it is more expensive than any other type of roofing material, its level of protection may be worth the cost for some homeowners. We are experienced slate roof installaters. You can trust us with your slate roof installation and repair.

  • Appearance
  • Longevity
  • Fire Resistance
  • Environmentally Friendly


Shake Roofing

Shake roofs are ideal for houses that experience high winds or hail damage. They are mostly made from western red cedar because of its unparalleled properties, such as defect-free straight grain, dimensional stability, low weight, fluid-resistance, and decay resistance. Although they require more maintenance than other roofing options, properly installed shakes provide long-lasting weather protection and add a rustic look to any house.

  • Exceptional Beauty
  • Durability
  • Resistance to severe storms
  • Energy Efficient


Tile Roofing

Certain types of tile, such as concrete and clay, are resistant to fire, hail, and moisture. When one purchases tile roofing, they may be able to conserve energy in cold and warm climates since the tiles are loosely laid and allow air to circulate. Tile roofing comes in a myriad of colors and architectural styles, and is the second most commonly used roofing product.

  • Long Term Durability
  • Hail Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Wide Variety of Colors
  • Energy Cost Savings


Asphalt Roofing

Covering your roof with asphalt roofing shingles is one of the best choices you can make in a roofing material. The price is affordable, the tiles come in a wide variety of gorgeous colors and there are a huge selection of styles, textures and appearances. Asphalt shingles have a 100-year proven track record in North America. They offer few leak problems, they're durable and offer excellent uplift and fire resistance.

  • Beauty
  • Affordable
  • Excellent Value
  • Tons of style options




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